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Fine Line Tattoos 

What are Fine Line Tattoos?

Fine Line Tattoos consist of distinct thin lines that represent more of the form and outline of the tattoo.  Even without the shading and color, fine line tattoos still offer great detail.  Fine line tattoos are done with a very small needle configuration of 1 to 3 needles, unlike traditional tattoos that are completed with a large cluster of needles.  This is how fine line tattoos achieve their minimalistic and dainty look.  I offer black and red ink tattoos. 

Not everyone will require a touch up/follow up appointment.  Your ink retention will depend on your skin type, tattoo placement, how well you follow the aftercare, and your lifestyle (sun exposure).  Touch up appointments are not included in the initial cost. 

It is important to recognize that tattoos on the hands and feet are notorious for not holding ink as well as other areas of the body, which will put them at a higher risk of having poor retention & fading over time. Certain areas such as wrists, ankles, hands, feet and inside the elbow ditch are more prone to ink "blow outs" as well as fading, due to the thin skin on these areas. (A "blow out" is when the ink looks as if it is spreading in the skin.) I currently do not offer finger or rib placements. I offer the other placements mentioned, however, I still want you to be informed and educated on what may be best for the longevity of your tattoo & to understand that some tattoos may require a little extra maintenance.  

How should I prepare for my appointment?

As with any of my cosmetic tattoo services, you should avoid alcohol, caffeine, or any blood thinning medications within 24 hours of your appointment.  Not following pre care can cause more pain, bleeding, and poor retention.

Tattoo Aftercare

You will leave your appointment with tagaderm (a protectant film sealed to your skin) on your tattoo to protect it from water.  You should leave the tagaderm on for a minimum of 1-3 days.  After removing the tagaderm, wash with mild soap and water and then pat dry.  Continue to gently wash your tattoo once a day and apply the aftercare balm provided for 10 days.  


Shop minimum is $150 for a fine line tattoo.  Prices will vary depending on size, placement, and the time it may take me to create a custom design/stencil for your tattoo. Tattoos are priced per piece, not per hour. 

How do I book a Fine line Tattoo?

Complete the Tattoo Request Form below.  Once your form is submitted with your design request, you will receive an email within 10 business days, notifying you if your design was approved.  I will only accept designs that are the fine line style and that I feel comfortable taking on.  Once you receive the approval email, you will then wait to book your appointment on my "booking day" which is always announced on instagram.  You can go to my booking site (which can be accessed through the "Book Now" tab at the top of this page) and book your appointment.  If you book an appointment for a fine line tattoo prior to receiving your approval, your appointment will have to be declined.  You will receive your final design approximately 48 hours prior to your appointment.  Minor adjustments can be made to the design IF it is at least 24 hours prior.  Major changes or last minute changes to your design may result in a reschedule/cancellation and the cancellation policy/fee will take effect. This is why it is imperative that you are very specific on the request form, including small details and inspiration photos of what you are looking for.

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