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A cosmetic tattoo that uses a machine to create hair like strokes in order to achieve a natural, yet fuller brow.  You should have some existing brow hair for this technique, otherwise you should book the "combo brow".   A 6-12 week touch up is typically necessary. If you have previous permanent makeup work, you are required to send images prior to booking this appointment.  This will allow for me to determine the best course of action to achieve optimal results. 


A cosmetic tattoo on the upper eyelid/lash line.  This is top liner only that is applied in the eyelash line, no "wing".  Permanent eyeliner is great for those who are tired of putting on eyeliner everyday or for those that wish to have a fuller looking lash line.


A full shading tattoo technique done throughout the brow for a filled in make-up look. Best on any skin type and recommended for oily and more mature skin.  A 6-12 week touch up is required to achieve complete results.


A Nano Brow and added shading technique for a still natural, but more filled in look with strokes. This is a great option for those with little to no brow hair & is good for most skin types.  A 6-12 week touch up is typically necessary. 

Lip Blush Initial Session $550 

A full lip color tattoo to enhance the color and define the shape. Meant to be very soft and subtle and not replace lipstick. A 8-12 week touch up is usually required to achieve complete results.  

Fine Line Tattoos

Please see the "Fine Line Tattoo" tab for more information.  You may not book this service until you have a request form submitted and approved  (which you can find on the "Fine Line Tattoo" tab).

Touch up appointment costs are not included in the initial service charge and will be an additional fee of $150 for cosmetic tattoos and $50 for Fine Line Tattoos.

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